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3 Months

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Offline Physical Class


All India IT Association (Registered Under MCA Section 25 Govt. of India)

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Bengali / English / Hindi

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1.5 Hour Per Class

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2 Classes (Per Week)

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AIITA train with dedication in order to serve efficient teaching to our students.
Practical Project Based Training
3369+ Learners
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12+ Key Things You Will Get In This Excel Masterclass

1. We cover ALL Useful Formula and Functions 
2. ALL Practical Work (Like GST Invoice, Payslip)
3. Solve different types of Bill Format

4. Test-Based Learning
5. Solve all types of Lookup and If Conditions

6. Language Flexibility (English/Hindi/Bengali)
7. Class Time Flexibility
8. Individual Query Solve
9. Face-to-Face Q/A Session
10. 24 x 7 x 365 Days  Support
11. Backup Classes (If Miss any Class)
12. Doubt Clearing Classes
13. Group Discussion 
14. After Course Competition Certification By AIITA (Govt. of India)

Trainer Profile: Miloy Mallick

Miloy Mallick is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing and Social Media expert, Consultant and also a Lead Trainer of “AIITA Computer Training Centre“. Miloy started his career at 17 as Computer Faculty and carries about 12+ years of Industry experience.

Miloy has trained more than 3369+ professionals in the field of IT. He is on a mission to reach out to rural India to teach Computer Literacy and hence launched a Free Computer Literacy course to help people define the purpose of using digital.

Want to know about his Educational Details !!!
B.Sc from the University of Calcutta
M.Sc from Vidyasagar University
M.B.A. from Annamalai University

Skills Details:
Advance Microsoft Office
Programming Languages Like C, Java, HTML, VB, CSS etc
CMS Like WordPress
Accounting Software Like TallyERP9+, MargERP9+ etc
RDBMS like SQL and Ms Access etc.

Digital Marketing Skills:
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Lead Generation
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Google AdSense
Blogging and ORM etc

Certification Details:
Miloy is Certified by Google, Hp, Bing, Facebook Bleprint, Vskill and NSE etc

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Doubt Clearing Classes

Getting Started with Excel

Introduction to Excel
Why Should we Learn Excel?
Interface & Terminology
Excel Worksheets
Excel Ribbon
Backstage View
Quick Access Toolbar
Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel Basics

Cell Basics
Modifying Cells/Rows/Columns
Basic Cell Formatting
Cell Number Formats
Cut, Copy & Paste
Format Painter
Personalizing Worksheets
Multiple Worksheets
Find & Replace
Sheet Protection
Printing & Page Layout

Formulas & Functions

Basic Formulas
Advanced Formulas
Cell References
Excel Functions
Date/Time Functions
Text Functions
Financial Functions
Logical Functions
Lookup Functions-1
Lookup Functions-2
Data Validation

Working with Data

Working with data
Freezing Options
Data Sorting
Data Filtering

Advanced Concepts

Conditional Formatting
What-If Analysis
Pivot Tables
Working with Reports

  • Creating subtotals
  • Multiple-level subtotals
  • Creating Pivot tables
  • Formatting and customizing Pivot tables
  • Using advanced options of Pivot tables
  • Pivot charts
  • Consolidating data from multiple sheets and files using Pivot tables
  • Using external data sources
  • Using data consolidation feature to consolidate data
  • Show Value As ( % of Row, % of Column, Running Total, Compare with Specific Field)
  • Viewing Subtotal under Pivot

More Functions

  • Date and time functions
  • Text functions
  • Database functions
  • Power Functions (CountIf, CountIFS, SumIF, SumIfS)


  • Using Charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Using 3D Graphs
  • Using Bar and Line Chart together
  • Using Secondary Axis in Graphs
  • Sharing Charts with PowerPoint / MS Word, Dynamically
  • (Data Modified in Excel, Chart would automatically get updated)

Basic Excel

  1. Excel Environment
  2. Key Terminologies
  3. Short Cuts
  4. Key Functionalities
  5. Copy-paste-paste special
  6. Formatting & conditional Formatting
  7. Basic Excel Functions – Types of Functions
  8. Relational operators
  9. Data Sorting, Filtering, and Data Validation
  10. Understanding of Name Ranges
  11. Pivot tables – Charts
  12. Basics of charts
  13. Understanding Rows/Columns

  14. Understanding Ribbon and Tabs

  15. Workbook Overview

  16. Quick Access to Toolbar

  17. Data Entry

  18. MS Excel Basics

  19. Create-Close Excel FIles

  20. Create Tabs-Groups

  21. Editing Data

  22. Formatting

  23. Cell Reference

  24. Types of data

  25. Insert Comments

  26. Text to Columns

  27. Copy Paste Formatting

  28. Workbook vs Worksheets

Working with Basic Excel Functions

  1. Quarter Date
  2. Date as Month
  3. Separate the String
  4. Finding Latest Monday
  5. Day, Year, Month Functions
  6. Count the Word
  7. Filled Cell Count
  8. Displaying the Fractions
  9. Concatenate the time and string
  10. Substitute and Replace
  11. Constructing Date
  12. Sorting , Freeze Panes, Insert Rows

Understanding Advanced Excel Functions

  1. Advanced Filtering
  2. Count Function Series
  3. Dependent Dropdown
  4. Data Validation
  5. Sum and SumProduct Functions

Data Manipulation Using Function:

  1. Descriptive functions
  2. Logical functions: IF, and, or, not  
  3. Date and Time functions 
  4. Text functions 
  5. Array functions
  6. Use and application of lookup functions
  7. Limitations of lookup functions 
  8. Using Lookup, HLookup, VLookup, Index, Match

Create Dashboard in Excel- Using Pivot Controls

  1. Concept of pivot cache and its use in creating interactive dashboards in excel
  2. Pivot table design elements – concept of slicers and timelines 
  3. Designing sample dashboard using Pivot Controls
  4. Design principles for including charts in dashboards – do’s and dont’s


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We have produced the highest number of successful candidates in Banking, Data Entry Jobs, Back Office Executive and all other job vacancies.

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Excellent experience being a trainee of this centre regarding all aspects like the classroom atmosphere,Study materials, facility facilities, training pattern as well as the largest information sharing within the affordable course fee.

Very good institute for computer courses. The ambiance of this institute is also peRFect for proper learning. Highly recommend to those who want a perfect institute for ideal learning at pocket friendly cost.

Quality Learning with Placement Support. In my personal learning experience this is the best Computer Training centre in entire kolkata. some one may be ask why??? I just said them please visit take admission and experienced the teaching technique and friendly atmosphere. Really Miloy Sir is really great. Thank you Sir. Never Never forget your class. once again thank you so much

Additional Features

We’re different from others

Our Smart Teaching Techniques

Our smart teaching techniques helps you to appear in the exam before you face the real exam. This provides you the perfect ambience to practice and attempt Real Life Working Experience.


Topic wise Class Worksheet distribution in class. Every type of questions are included related to particular topic. Provides ease of practice in class as well as at home.

Smart Assessments

We offer a unique blend of smart assessment through various methods such as Real Life Work, Typing Speed Tests, Class Work-Sheet (CWS), AIITA Class Assessments (ACA) and Assignments.

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Call +919748998368

1. Will I get a Certificate after completing this course?

Yes, you will get a Hard copy of the certificate by All India IT Association. If you can pay a small charge for the process to initiate and delivery to take place.

2. Is this course in English or Bengali or Hindi?

Yes. It’s avaliable in all three language.

3. Is this a Live or Recorded Class?

It’s Fully Live Class with Practical Training.

4. What is Payment Mode?

You can Pay Online Transfer/NEFT/IMPS/PayTM or Direct Bank Transfer.

5. Installment available or Not?

Yes, You Can Pay Installment but you need to pay double. So Recommended to Pay in One Time, it’s Save more for you.

6. How is this Advanced Excel Course good for business?

Every function in any organization can benefit from Excel. Business processes such as budgeting, finance, accounting, human resources, or organizing client sales, etc. can benefit from the powerful tools of Excel. The course teaches how to use spreadsheets to perform financial and budget analysis, it helps in keeping important information of numbers and data in one place. Advanced excel training speeds up the manual work and can help optimize spreadsheets to make them easy to navigate and adjust when needed.

7. How will this excel certification course be beneficial?

The Advanced Excel course by All India IT Association is very thorough and comprehensive. The course will provide you with tools to implement complex functions for handling spreadsheets with large amounts of data, cell formatting, graphical representation, etc. You can learn about many topics and boost your excel as well as data management skills. Acquiring Advanced Excel training is the need of the hour for aspirants looking for a career in Data Analytics and MIS specialists. Microsoft excel certification can prepare you for new age roles and opportunities.

Got more questions?

A: Please write to us at and we will take care of your queries.

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