AIITA is a leading Skills and Talent Development Association that is building a manpower pool for global industry requirements. The Association, which was set up in 2007 to help the nascent IT industry overcome its human resource challenges, today ranks among the world’s leading training companies owing to its vast, yet comprehensive array of talent development programs. With a footprint across 9+ nations, AIITA offers training and development solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions.

Our vision is to empower youngsters with the skills and experience necessary to shape our future world. Way to Work is a global initiative to help young talented minds define their career objectives and find the right job with a work experience which will kick start their career.

Internship opportunities

AIITA Computer Training Centre, Kolkata is committed to offering youngsters all over the world with internship opportunities with the cooperation of our various client companies. Through this valuable work experience, youngsters can learn, put their skills into practice and increase employability.

Follow our tips and tricks to help you stand out from the crowd. All job search advices like – where to look for jobs, how to write your CV, how to take care of your digital reputation and how to prepare to shine at interviews all of these and more are addressed at our centre.


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How do you find me a job?

It all starts when you send us your CV or when you find and apply for a specific job right here on this website.

If we think you’re a good fit for any of our open jobs, one of our recruiters will get in touch soon to set up a time to meet with you and get to know you better. We’ll talk about your skills, your experience and your career goals. You can even tell us a little about what you like to do when you’re not working. Go ahead, we’ll listen.

It might help us find you a place to work that matches your personality. Then we may give you a brief skills assessment and check your references. Next, we’ll prep you for an interview and get you started in the right temporary or permanent job. That’s how it works. Easy enough, right?

What are the benefits of join with AIITA Computer Training Centre?

When you join with us, you can be assured of a partner who will help you connect with some of the best brands and bring you one step closer to your dream job. We ensure that the entire job hunting process is transparent and hassle free for you

How do I apply?

There are two ways to apply for a job—and both are really easy.

You can either search our jobs, find the one (or the ones) that you like and apply for them. Or, you can fill out one of our simple applications for each of our Centre and a recruiter in your local job market will start looking right away for jobs that fit your skills and experience.

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